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About Us

We're a community of Black doctors teaching and mentoring a continuum of aspiring Black doctors beginning in middle school through completing medical, nursing or public health degrees. 

We're addressing, as a community, the leaks in the pipeline that has produced 55,000 less black doctors than our communities need to be healthy. We focus on increasing the number of highly qualified Black medical school applicants. We nurture students’ identities as aspiring professionals and build relationships that endure. Start with our coursework and stay for the mentoring, resources and network. Come join us! 

Join our Biomedical Bootcamp:

Learn in a fun, project-based collaborative learning environment.

Make friends with other bright aspiring students next door and around the country!

Weekly hands-on projects are fun for middle-schoolers or the whole family!

Break it down! Animal organ dissections

See how it works! Construct biomedical models

Build confidence as a scientists and amaze family and friends with what you’ve learned

Our 5-week summer program Jul 5- Aug 5:

Meet our Instructors

Meet our Teaching Assistant

Meet our Teaching Assistant